I purchased 4 Phalaenopsis Orchid Flowers in July, 3 are doing great and one is not.  In early August, I purchased 2 more, one is so beautiful and in full bloom and the other is sad.  I did a lot a research and found out that wilting leaves are a sign that your Orchid is not happy:( It’s not happy because it’s either not getting enough water or it’s getting too much water. I took a picture of my orchid so that you could see what it looks like and it’s not so happy (but still in bloom). The first thing I am going to do is check the media to see if it’s wet or dry. The media is very dry, so, this Orchid is dehydrating. I also want to check the roots to see if there is anything else going on. Well! it turns out I have a lot of dead roots. I just changed the media and checked the roots only one month ago, So I really have to keep a better eye on this Orchid. I will cut off all of the dead roots and soak the media in water for 10 minutes. Then put it back together. I will put the Orchid back near the window and watch it to see if it feels better.

The other Orchid that has wilted leaves, is also in bloom. The media is still damp, so I think this Orchid has been over watered. I think it is over watered because it is in spagnum moss and spagnum holds the water longer. My Orchid does not like it, so I am going to change the media, to the Orchid media mix. In addition I will also check the roots. Oh No! More dead roots. Ok, I will cut them off, soak the media for 10 minutes and put it back together.  I will keep my eye on it. It’s funny because I have six Orchid Flowers, all in the same place. Four of them are doing great and have been in bloom for 2 months. The other two are not feeling good. Go figure. Well anyway, I will keep you posted on my two babies and I hope this helped you if you are having a problem with your phalaenopsis Orchid Flowers.

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