You will learn everything you need to know about Orchids! Having your very own Orchids thriving in your home is very exciting. This site will direct you to the best blooming Orchids and Spikes. We will explain basic care for beginners including after bloom care and growing tips. Some of the topics will include repotting, fertilizing, proper humidity, light, temperature and watering frequency.  We will give you reviews based on our own experience on the different types of Orchids from the easiest to the most challenging to care for . We will be taking care of our own Orchids and tell you how it’s going along the way.  This site will be open to questions and information pertaining to all types of Orchids and will include videos, photos and articles. This site will tell you where the species came from and the details of each part from the spike to the anatomical parts.

Orchid Flowers are an elegant and extraordinary family of flowering plants. These beautiful plants have been around for One Hundred and Twenty-Million years. Orchids thrive on every continent (except Antartica) and have adapted to live in almost all types of enviroments. There are 35,000 species that populate our planet. This site will feature all types of Orchids.

Orchid Flowers Online will direct you to the best Orchids available online. We will give you all of the information needed to start your own Orchid garden. Or if you’re just starting with one Orchid we will be here to help.  We will write blogs to tell you how to keep your Orchids happy and healthy!  We will feature beautiful pictures so you can see what your Orchid will look like. We are really excited about starting our garden and helping you grow yours. Orchid Flowers will direct you to the best Orchids available by experience, we will not send you to any site, we want you to keep coming back to enjoy reading the blogs and keep you up to date with the best suppliers for Orchids!

Another topic I would like to explore is decorating with Orchids. Orchids can be used to decorate anywhere, they are used for decoration at weddings, many special events and most importantly in your home. They can be displayed in many ways, so join me in discovering all of the beautiful ways to display your Orchids.

Tell your friends and family about our site and we can start together.  We will be searching for the best Orchid Flowers and best prices.  We will also have many other products pertaining to gardening.  So keep checking back to see what’s growing on.

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